Personal Growth Through Art

Art can be a powerful, eye opening tool which also feeds and nurtures us.  Most of us don’t think of ourselves as artists, but being creative without being attached to the end product can be very liberating.  It’s a time to let go, to play, to not be stifled or silenced, to be free of rules, to listen to our intuition, to learn to trust ourselves, to be seen.  Having a creative outlet is a way to say “yes” to life.  Expressive art is an outlet for creativity that focuses on the process but also allows insight into our emotions and ourselves.  Art workshops will be held in my home studio with a maximum group size of 6 people.  In general, each workshop will include centering exercises, an intention for the class (e.g. exploring our shadow side or coming up with a word for the year), and, of course, a lot of art!

Why “Eyes Open Now”?  While it can be easy to fall asleep in our lives, I believe most of us would rather live an awake life.  We all have aspects of ourselves that are hard for us to see and it takes a conscious effort to open our eyes to those parts.  I am interested in living with my eyes open and helping others with that same aim.

My name is Michãel (pronounced Michele) Palmer. I have a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and also have training in crisis counseling.  I have been the space holder in an intense women’s group, am a Zen student, and am trained in Essence Recovery-a process which helps you rediscover your basic goodness.  I am a printmaker and art journalist and I would love to help you create the life you want.